Simple, Flexible Network Analysis and Endpoint Security Solutions for SMBs and MSPs

Full Network Visibility

Your Network as a Sensor

CatchWire is an intelligent inline network monitoring appliance used by IT security organizations to detect threats to high value and remote areas of the network.  Scaling from single endpoints to entire networks, CatchWire monitors traffic, and delivers real time flow data to leading collector and analytic applications.

CatchWire is a small, inconspicuous device that can be installed in-line at a network endpoint.  It is designed to monitor, collect, process, filter, or redirect data traffic.

CatchWire is the best tool we have found for troubleshooting customer sites. Its slim and sturdy aluminum design makes it ideal to just slip into a padded envelope to ship to our customers.

The best part of CatchWire is the ease and flexibility of implementing new ideas, which we use it for all the time.

SpeedApp AB (Sweden)

I evaluate network-based audio device and investigate their control protocols using Wireshark. By placing CatchWire between the device and the network switch I can remotely monitor the traffic from the several clients on different computers and examine the relative timing of the devices’ responses.

Sid Price - New Mexico, U.S.

Your CatchWire has been a great help in tracking down a problem with a file clean-up process in one of our applications that is being migrated to a new storage system.

CatchWire really helped to ID the problem and steer us to a new storage solution design.

A.C. (Australia)

Features and Benefits

Endpoint Security

The demands for sharper intelligence and critical data have soared as organizations are challenged to achieve higher network security.  CatchWire helps customers access real-time data for endpoint security and traffic monitoring applications:

1. Remote & Branch Offices: Extend remote endpoint monitoring and detection to the smallest offices, with no infrastructure changes or agents, and a budget-stretching price. 

2. Forensics & Investigation: Understanding and preventing attacks just became easier and faster. Full data visibility and preservation. Deploys in seconds. Undetectable in use.

3. Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking: Unique approach to validating your organization's security controls from places in the network that were unreachable before.

Gateway or Bridge

CatchWire serves as a gateway or bridge for applications, such as:

- Network flow sensor

- Remote Wireshark sensor

- VoIP logger

- TOR gateway

- Multiple control boxes on a single network wire

- Small VPN gateway

- Network traffic generator/analyzer

- Open source, user-built or customized applications.

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